No utilice este software preliminar en un entorno operativo comercial o con datos importantes. Debe respaldar todos los datos antes de instalar este software y regularmente una copia datos mientras se utiliza el software. No podrá actualizar el León Developer Preview 2 a la versión final de León. Mac OS X León presenta la HD de recuperación, que puede tomar el lugar de la de un DVD de instalación a través de herramientas de recuperación como utilidad de disco.

Para acceder a la recuperación de HD, apagar el equipo y mantenga?-R durante el arranque.

Los Asistente para la instalación y el Asistente de migración de aplicaciones ahora pueden migrar datos desde un PC con Windows.

Debe descargar y ejecutar la aplicación Migration Assistant para PC. Este software puede descargarse desde el sitio Web del centro de desarrollo

Known Issues

- If running Developer Preview 1, please make sure to install "Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview Update 1" from Software Update (available under the Apple menu) prior to downloading Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 2. If you do not perform this update, your download will not begin when you redeem the code and the code will no longer function.

- The Recovery HD may not be created when installing Lion on a drive with an unsupported partition scheme.

- Installation of Mac OS X Lion onto a software RAID volume, or while booted from a software RAID volume, is not currently supported. Attempting to do so may render the volume non-bootable. Software RAIDs can still be used as data volumes.

- Network migrations are only supported from Mac OS X v10.6.6 with the Migration Assistant compatibility update installed.

- If you intend to migrate a user with FileVault enabled from another system, make sure the user is logged out on the source system before you begin.

- Thunderbolt devices are not fully supported.

- Videos purchased from the iTunes Store will not play on Early 2011 MacBook Pro models.

- Screenshots may be black on Macs with integrated graphics.

- If you get a warning that 'FaceTime does not support video calls' when using FaceTime, please quit and re-open the application.

- iPhoto 9 crashes when trying to create a book, card, or calendar from an event or album, and when clicking a photo's info button.