Esta en ingles y todavia no lo he probado pero no parece muy dificil si alguien lo rpueba que lo diga.

to make Vista Recognized by Acronis :

What you need :
- a CD of Windows XP or 2000 (xp is the fastest one for the operation !)
- Vista DVD
- Acronis Disk Director W/ os selector

How to :
1\ start your computer like if you are installing XP (boot on the CD, and start the install)
2\ When the installer asks you for partitions, install it on your future Vista partition. format that partition.
3\ Wait for the first part of the installer to finish, and once it has rebooted, start your installation of Vista
4\ DO NOT DELETE THE PARTITION WHERE YOU PREVIOUSLY Installed the first part of XP... just install over it !
5\ once Vista is Installed, install Acronis OS Selector.

Vista should now be recognized by OS selector ...

Why it wasn't recognized ?
Vista's boot manager doesn't create anymore the boot.ini and the bootsector.bin files that are needed by OS Selector. Installing the first part of XP forces Vista to have a "compatibility" with an earlier OS ... and so it creates the files that are needed !

After all that stuff, you can modify the booting options of Vista to not show up the boot menu ...