hola tengo una acer aspire 9410z segun el foro de osx86 es compatible, baje la version iatkos 10.5.1 se instalo bien, pero cuando se renicia ya no botea el sistema, trate de instalarlos 3 ocaciones y siempre ocurre lo mismo termina de intalar y no botea. creo que me estoy equivocando por favo ayuda!!!
esto es lo que dice el foro de osx86:

Install Method: iatkos 10.5.1 w/ EFI. updated to 10.5.2 using combo update and kernel update obtained from TPB. DO NOT DO GRAPHICS
UPDATE, it will kill your display.
* Processor: Intel T2080 1.73GHz both cores work =)
* Intel High Definition Audio works, no mic, spdif works. Havent tweaked mic may possibly work after tweaks
* LAN detected, not tested though.
* Wireless works out of the box.
* GFX works out of the box, GMA 950
* Flash Card reader doesn't work no big deal
* DVD Burning works natively.
* Bluetooth doesn't work. searching for solution haven't found one yet, Bluetooth dongle works though
* powermanagement works with minimal changes, no sleep though
* All and all...Everything that needs to work...WORKS :) play games perfectly with this laptop :).
ya no se que hacer