GNOBSD is an OpenBSD-based live DVD which boots into a GNOME desktop and includes a graphical system installer (written in Ruby) for transferring the system to a hard disk or a USB storage device. The system includes some popular desktop applications , such as Mozilla Firefox and MPlayer.

...Stefan Rinkes, a big fan of OpenBSD, had decided to make an effort and create something that is now common in the Linux world, but which had not been done in OpenBSD - an OpenBSD-based live DVD with automatic hardware detection which would boot into a popular graphical desktop and which would also have a point-and-click graphical system installer. The result was a "distribution" called GNOBSD. When I tried it on my test machine, I was so impressed with the result of this fine work, that I decided to add it to the DistroWatch database straight away, thus by-passing the waiting list - something that I had not done for years.

Alas, my excitement at being able to present the DistroWatch readership with this interesting project was short lived. No sooner had I created the GNOBSD page on DistroWatch that the project's own home page went offline. It took several days before it re-appeared (last Sunday) - in a new coat, but without the ISO image of GNOBSD 4.6 that was previously available for direct download from the site. Upon closer investigation, the reasons became clear - Rinkes has taken the ISO images offline partly because of bandwidth problems, but mainly due to the extreme displeasure expressed by the hardcore OpenBSD user community at his audacity to create a user-friendly and easy-to-use variant of OpenBSD!...

The LiveDVD is using the OpenBSD single-processor kernel, all sets, excluding the compiler-set, and some packages (e.g. firefox).

The window-manager is GNOME.

The LiveDVD starts a X-Session for the user "livecd", who is able to become root with the command "sudo su".

As default password for the user "livecd" I choosed "livecd".

If you want to use the LiveDVD for a longer period you should change the password with the command "passwd".

The root-password is "Tor!Tor!".

The OpenBSD-PF is starting during the boot-process and loads the default-ruleset of OpenBSD.

If you choosed to start a LiveSession the init-script tries to receive an IP-address over DHCP.